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Springfield College forum's Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in Springfield College forum's LiveJournal:

Thursday, July 21st, 2005
3:56 pm
where to go for fun...


Ok now here is the question you all want to know: what the hell is there to do in this fucking ghetto town? Considering that the options are liminted, there is not much to by, so I talked to some peeps and came up with a list. These fun spots are divided in 3 categories: clubs, bars, and titty bars (Yeah im a sexist pig, so what, wanna fight about it :-P ). Some of these clubs can go 18+ on some days, but you got to find that out for yourself (normally thu. or fri. when september comes around).

Alumni Club
90 Worthington Street
Theme: Pop/Trendy

1700 Main Street
Downtown Springfield
Theme: Hip Hop and Rap

Under 21 Dance Party Photos

Club Rain
10 Stearns Square
Theme: Variety (Hip Hop/Techno)

Cobalt Club & Restaurant
1 Worthington Street
Theme: Hip-Hop/Live Concert


Alternative Lifestyle Clubs:                                                                                                                                                           Judge's Chambers Audio Announcement
397 Dwight St
(413) 734-0566

201 Worthington Street
Springfield MA 01103

Pour House
280 Worthington Street

Jt's Sports Pub
1373 Main Street, Springfield, MA, 01103

Casa de NANA
995 Boston Road
Springfield, MA 01119

Strip Bars:
Fifth Alarm Lounge
775 Worthington Street
413 737-0615

Mardi Gras
91 Taylor St
413 733-5057

thats all i got for now, i'll keep in touch

Monday, July 18th, 2005
12:20 pm
A word about rooms...
What up peeps,

Ok lets get something out of the way for all the newcomers here... It's about the rooms for incoming freshman.

For starters, the good news for SC freshman is that getting paired up in a dorm is not so bad. It's actually pretty nice for 2 people to live in (EXCEPT GULICK - more on that later). Freshman usually get paired up with people in their dorm rooms. I used to hit up the spot in Lakeside in my first transfer year, then Alumni in my second. In both cases, freshman were paired up with 2 people, or sometimes 3 depending on the amount of people demanding housing, or the space available. In Alumni, rooms are big enough for 3 people to have enough room to live in (but its only for guys... sorry ladies take it up with the Dean).

Ok now here is the bad news for you freshman... if your living in Gulick your totally screwed. For a while I lived with my roommate in Gulick for part of the summer, and there was no room to do shit. If you turned around quick with a hard-on, you would swing and break stuff cause there is no room to do shit! LOL Just trust me, you want to get any other dorm except Gulick... if you already have your housing assignment I suggest you dont select Gulick if you can... otherwise your totally screwed.

Sorry that's freshman life, deal with it.

Drop a line if you got questions or want to bitch (I know I would),

Saturday, June 25th, 2005
2:51 pm
sayin hi again
What up everyone. I take it no one is on, but hopefully that will change. Looking forward to make this journal work, if anyone is ambituous enough to use it LOL. Hope to hear from ya'll.
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